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Community Culture

community can create connection and comfort

This week in the Shiels house, Oisin Sian and I have taken up a 30 day fitness challenge, 30 burpees every day for 30 days. If were honest, none of us are exactly thrilled at having to throw ourselves to the floor, push ourselves up off the floor and then jump in the air 30 times a day for 30 days.

What I’ve noticed is this, because we are doing it together we get it done, its the power of community. We are united in our pursuit and because of that we are automatically connected and this connection leads to comfort, we know we are not alone.

At Omagh Community Church, we value community. Taking our lead from the early church we fully appreciate the strength of a healthy and vibrant life giving community. A quick look at Acts 2: 42 - 47 will give you great insight into the building blocks of a healthy and vibrant life giving community that leads to greater levels of connection and comfort.

In spite of their circumstances, the early church committed themselves to the apostles teaching, breaking bread, gathering together, prayer, signs and wonders, unity, generosity, compassion, praise and worship and joy.

This week we have number of opportunities for you participate in community, our coffee and unleashed chat on Tuesday morning, our praise group on Tuesday night, prayer at lunch on Wednesday and our Bible study on Thursday night.

Don’t forget to join us online Sundays at 11am on Facebook or Youtube.

We would love to be a part of your story and for you to be part ours .

Get connected and stay connected


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