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Exciting Days Ahead

Over at Peter Lynas details a number of challenges and opportunities facing the church in Northern Ireland in the coming days ahead. Brexit, abortion, welfare reform, marriage, peace and reconciliation not to the mention the current political climate all make the list.

The Underlying issue within all of these challenges and opportunities is the lack of understanding towards the importance of significant relationships . It appears to me that as a nation we have lost sight of Gods golden rule, our love for him and our love one another.

This presents a tremendous challenge but yet an equally tremendous opportunity

The EA What kind of Society document states that As evangelicals we are committed to engaging in public life and believe we have a contribution to make for all of society. We believe things can be better than they are now.

I believe that as evangelicals we possess the power and potential to see society transformed and kingdom culture established in new spheres of influence and advanced in existing areas.

The Apostle Paul wrote to the early churches, reminding them we carry the hope of glory and that god has chosen his church to make known his glorious riches found through Christ, making every encounter, engagement and environment an opportunity for hope to come to life!

The opportunity for the church to rise up and reach out has never been greater.

Our world hungers and thirsts for an authentically in relationship that the church could meet if we came out from behind our computers, lifted our heads out of our phones and engaged in our spheres of influence.

With Brexit they fear uncertainty but yet we know the one who never changes and offers a certainty like no one else can.

Our two major political parties are in the process of handing our welfare reform to main land uk but yet god calls the church to engage in social issues and describes it as worship. I’m confident we have a part to play.

In our quest for peace and reconciliation, the gap of difference for many has become a bridge too far but yet many of our church leaders have found a way to model restoration through honest and transparent dialogue leading to former enemies embracing diversity and value the gifts, talents and cultures of each the other. Surely the future can be bright .

Our political process has drawn to stand still and we as evangelicals have something to offer.

We each operate in a different cultural context, we understand the significance and importance of unity in achieving our goal to see society transformed. Surely we have something to offer our politicians, modelling unity in the midst of diversity

The overarching opportunities in all of these issues including marriage and abortion can be successfully navigated with a healthy understanding of what it looks like to love God.

If we love God and love His church, if we unite evangelicals while building confidence in the gospel and speak as a trusted voice into society we can see it changed for Him. (EA)

Jesus has locked his credibility into ours, placed the future of his church in our hands and commanded us to go to the ends of the earth with his message of life, love and hope to anyone and everyone.

How exciting

It’s exciting because when Jesus declared that all authority had been given to him and commissioned his followers to a life of discipleship he promised to be with them everywhere they went.

How exciting to think that the mission of God heightens our awareness of the presence of God but not only that, as we engage in our spheres of influences impacting our world for the kingdom of God we can have a confidence and an assurance that the one who carries all authority extends that authority to us.

What an incredible reminder and promise made to us as we embrace the challenges and opportunities presented to us as the church

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