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The Week That Changed The World

Passion week and Easter weekend

The week that changed the world

The greatest day in history

Death is beaten, you have rescued me

Sing it out Jesus is alive

The empty cross, the empty grave

Life eternal You have won the day

Shout it out, Jesus is alive

He's alive

Incredible lyrics from the famous song ‘happy day’ written by Tim Hughes

For the 21st Century church, we know that Easter marks the time in our calendar that we intentionally remember the risen king, Jesus, up from the grave and out of the tomb, conquering sin and death.

As we prepare to celebrate this earth shattering moment, we would like to invite you to join us in remembering ‘the week that changed the world’

As part of our preparation we will be posting a daily video to all of our social network platforms. These videos have been created by The Evangelical Alliance and are designed to give your devotional time intentional focus for that day.

We also have 3 fantastic events planned for you over the Easter weekend, an online zoom service on Good Friday at 8.00pm, an individual prayer space in Old Market Place on Easter Saturday and in person service limited to 25 people on Easter Sunday that will also be broadcast live on all our platforms.

We will have more details for you about all of these fantastic events over the coming days.

Stay safe

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